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Science and technology and innovation

A powerful process analysis service team

In order to broaden the technical cooperation platform and realize the technology leading concept in the industry, the company has set up a R & D center in Shanghai and local, and uses advanced scientific research equipment and talent to strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprise. The company has continuously introduced talents, invested special funds to establish a perfect R & D environment, and has created a batch of technical backbone teams to serve our customers.

Management training

Establish a new concept of training management, make training a "soft welfare", and allow employees and enterprises to develop in harmony and grow together. According to the company's annual training plan, we have planned to do a good job of training course design, training effect evaluation, internal culture and external culture, and strengthen staff training, staff skills training and professional training courses to improve staff skills.

Safety production training

Theoretical training

Field lifting and unloading operation

Fire fighting training

Customized solutions

Technical support for pre sales projects

Overall solution, senior consultant pre sales consultation, close

user experience.

Install and debug in the sale

Production site operation training, one to one special guidance,

debugging and maintenance are fully taught.

After-sale maintenance and maintenance

Lifetime warranty service, equipment maintenance training

system, after-sale search and evaluation system.