The peak of electricity consumption will be reduced or steel prices will be pushed up shortly.


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The peak of electricity consumption will be reduced or steel prices will be pushed up shortly.

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In the three quarter of last year, the Zhejiang provincial government, &ldquo, talked about ” a number of enterprises, including Ningbo iron and steel, demanded 4 months in 9, 10, 11, and December, and the losses to Ningbo iron and steel were up to 400 million yuan.

It is understood that following the occurrence of power restriction storms in Central China and Hunan and Hubei, the power reduction measures have been introduced recently. For example, in parts of Zhejiang Province, &ldquo is implemented; three stops ” “ five stops two ” power limited measures; the power grid has begun to implement orderly electricity use, strictly enforces the high energy consumption and low output power households to avoid peak and peak power consumption; and Jiangsu electric power company is in the end of last month with the ten big iron and steel enterprises in Jiangsu. The problem of limiting the supply of electricity and electricity.

Wang Hong, general manager of the Xinyu iron and steel Limited by Share Ltd in Jiangxi, told reporters that the enterprise has received the notice of the government's closing the electricity limit, requiring the iron and steel enterprises to reduce the electricity load by 10%. By this effect, the output of steel steel (4937,44.00,0.90%) in Xinyu has been reduced by about 5%.

Chen Ping also revealed that the output of Ningbo iron and steel has also been reduced by about 5% due to the impact of sluice and electricity restriction, but the current limit of electricity Limited is not very large, only the enterprises have limited electricity in the peak period, and Ningbo steel has adjusted its production structure for this purpose, such as reducing the load in the peak period, lowering the speed and low peak at night. As a result, the capacity will be increased.

Guangzhou iron and steel one of the internal high-level yesterday also told reporters that the current situation of electricity shortage in Guangzhou is also more severe, enterprises have been asked to produce several sets of spare plans for the peak period, such as the production of peak production.

Zhou Xuedong, deputy secretary of Ningbo iron and steel Party committee, also told reporters that the impact of power restriction in the future may be aggravated. “ in the long run, sluice limits will become an inevitable problem with the arrival of the peak power consumption, but which companies will be an unknown number of companies. ”

It is understood that currently in the western part of the Pinggang, Chongqing Iron and steel, water steel and other parts of the steel enterprises also said that the rolling line was affected. However, due to the dual promotion of market demand and peak season effect, at the moment when most steel mills open up horsepower production, the production of daily crude steel in the first quarter has been even higher for a month. Most of the steelworks are operating at more than 90%, and do not want &ldquo to reduce production ”

According to the above analysis, the impact of power shortage on the steel plant should be treated according to the situation. Some steel mills, such as Baosteel, Shagang, and Guang steel, are used to generate electricity from their own power plants, and the impact may be slightly smaller. Some steel mills that rely on foreign power purchase, production capacity and profitability are more likely to be affected if the electricity limit is reduced. If the scale is enlarged, the domestic steel supply will be supplied. A large amount of shrinkage, it is possible to push up the price of steel.

Ni Yin, an analyst at the iron and Steel Research Center, pointed out that the electricity limit is likely to drive the price of the steel market to a big rise. In particular, in the second half of the year, the demand for affordable housing is large, and the market will rise rapidly because of the tight supply and the expected price rising mentality. Once the price rises quickly, it is inevitable that the market has no market price and a rapid decline. Fluctuations in steel prices will also drive the raw material market, especially iron ore prices, to make steel production costs more expensive.

On the impact on the future steel market, the latest analysis of the new trunk line of the domestic spot trading platform is expected to be difficult to mitigate in the short term domestic electricity supply, which may push the domestic steel price to continue to rise.