President Speech

Responsibility is a proposition that every enterprise needs to think and answer at all times. Responsibility is a contract between shareholders, employees and their stakeholders, between enterprises and society. One of the main forms of modern enterprise system is the limited or unlimited two words of a company name. Whether it is limited or unlimited, it is the responsibility. Enterprises must fulfill their responsibilities according to a contractual relationship. Any enterprise must have corresponding responsibilities if it continues to exist, otherwise it will be abandoned by the market and even by the society. The problem of lack of honesty commonly discussed today is essentially the question of responsibility. Responsibility is the core of integrity, and integrity depends on the responsibility. “ Hibiscus contention for spring glory, pine and cypress mica ” Responsible enterprises do not fight for glory for a while, but seek for their everlasting firmness. As a national manufacturing company, we always emphasize the concept of responsibility, undertake the obligation to do the best, never slack out to the shareholders, to the employees, to the customers, to the social responsibility. Adhering to credit and keeping our responsibilities, we are more willing to be responsible for difficulties and never to blame for survival. It is the realm pursued by our Xinhua people and the motive force that we urge ourselves to develop. We adhere to such a spirit, act in such an attitude, act in such a way of self-discipline, and win recognition and trust in such a way. “ the millennium is a success or failure, so that the world speaks of husband ” Jiangsu Xinhua will encourage, support and strengthen itself.

To go further. In this era full of opportunities and challenges, passion and vitality, we must be sensitive to observation, diligent in thinking, good at comprehensive and innovative. I firmly believe that as long as we give full play to our own advantages, with the spirit of full and extensive, sincere and dedicated, and in line with the good desire to be faithful to the society and to contribute to human beings, we are fully confident and capable of pushing forward the various businesses of the company, and striving to achieve the goal of the enterprise &ldquo, health, harmony and rapid ” Dou, the Xinhua people will take a strong attitude and a new look, take a stronger strength and a more solid pace, seize opportunities, meet challenges and create new brilliance.

Uphold integrity and open ideas. For our common dream, our company is willing to work hand in hand with you to create a more brilliant tomorrow.