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Up to now,our company has various kinds of CNC Machine Tool and Machining Centers. We has commanded professional ability:various of Steel

Equipment structure,Machining, Application and so on. Xin Hua specializes in manufacturing high quality elevator parts as well as a wide range

of stainless steel machinery for all industries. 

Filter Room

Food Machinery

Pharmaceutical equipment

Injection Molding Machine

Cable equipment

Papermaking machinery

Metallurgical Equipment



Jiangsu Xinhua Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Xinhua Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a private company which was founded in August 1994.It's a shareholding company which was established with RMB 15 million of capital.
2018-07-23 18:54
Market prospect of gear forging during 12th Five-Year
“ in 12th Five-Year, ” during the period, in order to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry, improve the domestic level of major equipment, further encourage the development of
Three big steel enterprises have different results in the first quarter. Raw fuel prices are rising.
The same is the iron and steel enterprises, also restricted by the iron ore price factors, but the first quarter of the first quarter of the three major steel listed companies Baoshan Iron and Steel
The peak of electricity consumption will be reduced or steel prices will be pushed up shortly.
In the three quarter of last year, the Zhejiang provincial government, &ldquo, talked about ” a number of enterprises, including Ningbo iron and steel, demanded 4 months in 9, 10, 11, and December, an


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