Company Culture

Provide sustainable development of the company's human resources platform to ensure the ability to achieve strategic objectives (professional) and the talent pool, timely, quality, quantity to meet the strategic business planning of all kinds of talents.

Concept of human resources:

Adhere to the grand cause of inspiring people, excellent pay and attractive, outstanding cultural cohesion, crisis management, inspire people, create the conditions for success, bringing the staff is always active.

Human resources objectives:

To establish a good sense of service and excellent professional skills, a high degree of professional solidarity and cooperation team, the formation of self-motivation, self-discipline, self-management, the growth mechanism of self-development personnel.

Human Resources Strategy:

Improve the job management system, personnel management system, performance management system, training management system, establish and improve the key personnel selection, training, appointment mechanism, actively introduce talents and progressive implementation of highly specialized internal talent, training, professional training Mechanism, creating a learning and innovative organization.

Improve the salary management system and incentives to the labor contract as the basis, the psychological contract as a guide, the key to building business and long-term cooperation in the interests of the community of employees, key employees and enterprises and to build a community of interests form the basis of a common destiny and achieve staff Grow with the business