Location: Jiangsu Province - Changzhou City - Liyang City

Working years: 1-3 years

Nature of work: full-time

Number of recruiters: 2

Job description:

The company is a foreign-related machinery and equipment manufacturing OEM enterprise, with a comprehensive enterprise of designing and manufacturing equipment structure, sheet metal, mechanical processing, painting, electrical installation and a series of processing. Especially good at manufacturing stainless steel products. The company has more than ten large processing centers. The company has cooperated with dozens of well-known international companies to manufacture various supporting equipment parts for a long time. Based on the corporate tenet of honesty and pragmatism, the company carefully manufactures and manages the business it undertakes to ensure the product quality and delivery time of customers. It has won the trust of customers, and has been rated as an enterprise abiding by contracts and keeping promises by our city for successive years.